The Satta Chart

In the book, Tantra Power, edited by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith and Dr. Chandra Bhakhar Ben with C.G. Yang, an entire chapter is devoted to the Satta Chart and Sattvic Goddess, situated at the base of the spinal column. According to Dr. Ben, a tantra master, it represents the dynamic power that governs the spiritual world and is as vital to life as air or water.

The Satta Chart was discovered by the aborigines of Australia, who had come seeking an alternative to maps and navigation methods. Its unique three-dimensional structure, they discovered, was the perfect model for an all encompassing concept of a divine feminine energy field that encircles and interacts with the physical body and its chakras. These energy fields are also known as the “omnisculi” or “omniscient forces.” A perfect example of a satta from this school is the Earth. This chart has a number of important symbolic meanings in the spiritual and tantric traditions of Asia.

For starters, the presence of the moon and the sun sign in the charts reflect the feminine qualities of the tantra goddess and represent the tantric energies needed to overcome the malevolence of the demigods. It also reveals the phases of the moon and sun sign, which help tantra practitioners in understanding their own solar and lunar cycles. This is especially useful in mapping out one’s own personal tantric cycle and in preparing oneself for higher learning and practice. In the book, Tantra Power, Dr. Ben and Dr. Chandra Bhakhar Ben explain the significance of the Sattva Chart and how it can be used in the study of kundalini tantra.

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